About Us

Welcome to M.M.Parker Ltd, where you will find a large range of ultra violet lamps as well as an extensive range of print equipment. We are best known as UV specialists, supplying our own range of new UV exposure and UV curing systems as well as offering a fantastic selection of screen drying cabinets, high temperature textile ovens, print benches and stencil processing equipment. We can supply replacement UV lamps for various global manufacturers of exposure and curing systems within the printing industry. If you cannot find the UV lamp you require for your machine, please contact us with lamp type identification number details, as not all lamps we supply are currently shown on the website. If you do not have a lamp reference number, donít despair, simply go to our Lamp Identification form and fill in the required information or phone/e-mail us directly. We may have the lamp you require in stock and if we do not, we can organise to get it manufactured.

M.M.Parker Ltd, supplies a wide range of customers from small printing workshops to very large PLC corporations such as The Bank of England / De la Rue and Fuji Film to name just a few. We also supply a large numbers of Schools, Colleges, Universities and County Councils.  We sell our equipment and parts within the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Our parent company, Parker Graphics Ltd, the largest manufacturers of UV exposure units in the United Kingdom for the last 70 year, is renowned for high quality and reliable equipment. At M.M.Parker Ltd, we constantly endeavour to uphold our heritage and guarantee great advice, friendly efficient service and always unbeatable quality at a great price.

We are proud that all the equipment we supply is ‘home grown’, manufactured in the United Kingdom. This enables us to have better lead times, more control over what we supply and ensures better quality control all around. It also enables us to be more flexible and to meet exact customer requirements. We do have a standard range of sizes for all our equipment but keep in mind that our flexibility can be used to your advantage. While browsing the website, if our standard range of equipment does not suit your size needs, we can arrange to manufacture a machine size to order. This may be extremely useful if you need a machine to fit a specific work space.

As well as equipment, parts and lamps we offer fitting, servicing, repairs and maintenance engineers to meet all your requirements. We can arrange for our engineers to do anything from changing a UV bulb in your exposure machine or dryer to installing or repairing a complete screen printing machine line breakdown. We are here to help.

At M. M Parker Ltd we strive to bring better value for money products to the market place, without compromising on quality.